LS1 OEM Cylinder Head CNC Porting YOUR CASTING

LS1 OEM Cylinder Head CNC Porting - YOUR CASTING. Transform your cylinder head castings with the latest Nxtgen 5-axis CNC porting technology and CNC valve seat machining. Delays can occur, particularly with custom machining work. We strive to keep this to a minimum and thank you for your understanding. Note: The surface of our products are a CNC machined finish. This means tool machining lines and tool lift, engagement and distribution points are present and are considered normal features which and add to the beauty of the product. You do not have the right to return a product when: Change your mind. Ordered the wrong product. Found the product cheaper…
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ETP’S Bare Cathedral Port Cylinder Head for LS2 and LS6 6.0L 243 Casting

The home of New & Used Engine Parts. Parts Stored Inside and Out of Weather. ETP'S Bare Cathedral Port Cylinder Head for LS2 and LS6 6.0L 243 Casting. Intake Valve Head Diameter. Exhaust Valve Head Diameter. There is NO requirement for you to send us your old head or parts. A little about us. We setup our Shanghai operations in 2004 for the purpose of controlling the quality of our parts as they are being manufactured. This quality gateway has been very successful and a huge benefit to our customers by allowing us to offer great quality parts at very competitive prices. It is recommended to have your parts assembled…
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Trick Flow High Port SBF 240cc Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head Casting 67cc Chambers

Trickflow SBF Twisted Wedges cylinder head, TFS-5171B016-C02. These are the TFS Ford High Port 240cc intake runner bare aluminum heads with 67cc chambers. Looking for serious horsepower? Trick Flow® High Port® 240 cylinder heads are specifically designed for large cubic inch small block Ford engines as well as engines with high-boost super- and turbocharges, big shot nitrous oxide systems, and other mega-power combinations. They feature unique valve spacing. Raised exhaust runners, extra strong castings and thick decks for additional rigidity and gasket integrity, superior cooling characteristics, and most importantly, excellent airflow. Trick Flow® High Port® 240 heads have top-of-the-line CNC competition ported runners with a high resolution surface finish for…
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Trickflow Twisted Wedge Ford 4.6/5.4 195cc CNC Ported Bare Cylinder Head Casting

These are the TFS Ford Twisted Wedge 195cc intake runner fully cnc ported aluminum heads with 44cc chambers for 5.4L or 4.6L based modular engines, the cheaper bare versions without any valves or springs. Aluminum heads for Ford bracket racers. Trick Flow Twisted Wedge® Race 195 cylinder heads are perfect for big bore Ford Modular 2V engine builds as well as engines with superchargers or turbos, high compression E85, big shot nitrous oxide, and other mega-power combinations. The secret lies in the CNC-profiled Twisted Wedge combustion chambers and intake valves moved to the opposite side of the cam. These features provide dramatic increases in mid-lift airflow, piston-to-valve clearance, and valve-to-bore…
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